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Looking to Elections, Supreme Leader Places Allies in Key Positions

Khamenei’s moves to consolidate his power have led to growing speculation in Iran that the position of its president – current or future – will be far less significant in how the country is led.

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Podcast Production in the Gulf Arab States: Expanding Beyond the Region

Despite the challenges still facing podcast production, the enthusiasm of khaleejis to spread podcasting culture is encouraging collaboration and the passionate embrace of podcasting across the Arab region.

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Gulf States Help Defuse South Asia Tensions, Protect Economic Interests

Three processes of interregional engagement – labor dynamics, energy cooperation, and strategic investments – are crucial for understanding how Gulf Arab states will exercise economic power in South Asia over the coming years.

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IEA Outlook: U.S. Oil Exports Will Approach Saudi Levels by 2024

The International Energy Agency’s Oil 2019 medium-term outlook sees strong growth in U.S., Iraqi, and Emirati oil production, while Saudi Arabia focuses on maintaining current capacity.

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The Aftershocks of Aleppo's Fall Continue to Shake the Region

From the establishment of the Turkey-Russia-Iran triumvirate to the ongoing Arab efforts to re-engage with Syria, everything can be traced back to the events of December 2016.

GCC-South Asia: A New Role for the Gulf Countries in the Subcontinent?

AGSIW is pleased to host this panel discussion examining the diplomatic, security, and economic issues shaping the growing relationship between the countries of the Gulf and the South Asian subcontinent.

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Saudi-Moroccan Political Tensions Challenge Quiet Economic Ties

A series of political disputes is testing bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Morocco, but growing economic engagement between the two monarchies offers an incentive for both sides to prevent simmering tensions from boiling over into commercial spheres.

Burning the Midnight Oil to Keep the Lights On

The Gulf is extremely vulnerable to climate change and the clock is ticking to keep the lights and air conditioners on without causing harm to their already fragile environment.

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