Regional Affairs

Book Talk: Security Politics in the Gulf Monarchies: Continuity Amid Change 

On May 28, AGSIW will host a discussion on security politics in the Gulf.

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Saudi Arabia Has a Red Sea Vision, Not Yet a Strategy

Saudi Arabia has looked to the Red Sea through the lens of economic investment and infrastructure, but an economy-center focus is insufficient to address the various factors causing instability in the region.

Petro Diplomacy 2024: The Countdown to Net Zero

On June 11, AGSIW will convene its 10th annual Petro Diplomacy conference.

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The Emergent Gulf Sovereign Wealth Fund-Global Tech Nexus

While Gulf sovereign wealth funds have long invested in promising technology-focused firms, these investment vehicles are increasingly underpinning ambitious plans to reposition Gulf countries as global hubs for advanced technologies.

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Erdogan’s Landmark Baghdad Visit Signals Support for Ambitious Infrastructure Project

The Development Road project, a joint venture among Iraq, Turkey, the UAE, and Qatar, could reshape economic and geopolitical contours in the Middle East, but substantial challenges will remain ahead.

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The Urgent Need for Transparency Reform in Gulf Central Banks

Gulf central banks can increase transparency by adopting credible reform agendas focused on the publication of accurate statistics, disclosure of analysis and forecasting methodology, and forward-looking explanations of policy decisions.

The Fluid Gulf: Framing Multicultural Heritage Through Film

On April 11, AGSIW and the Middle East Institute co-hosted a discussion on film in the Gulf.

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Erdogan Politically Wounded But Still Turkey’s Dominant Power

Opposition success in Turkey’s local elections is an unprecedented rebuke to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. While his constitutional power and dominance of the judiciary remain intact, Erdogan is probably in his final term and will find domestic and foreign initiatives somewhat more complicated.

Crash of Ayatollah Khamenei's Succession Plans

Regardless of who becomes Iran’s next president or who succeeds Khamenei as head of state, there is little prospect for significant change in Iran's foreign and security policy.

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