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The Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue: Promoting Social Reconciliation

The Bahraini uprising, and its aftermath, has left profound rifts six years on, in political views, sectarian relations, and even geography.

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Kinship Politics in the Gulf Arab States

This report introduces kinship politics in the Gulf Arab states with an explanation of the origins of kinship-based governance in the region.

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Bahrain’s Youth Pioneer Society: Guiding and Empowering Youth

The Youth Pioneer Society (YPS) is a non-profit organization in Bahrain founded by a group of young Bahrainis who met on Twitter in December 2011.

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The Saudi National Transformation Program: What’s in It for Women?

In a national workforce largely composed of men and foreign workers, can economic reform ensure women's participation?

Erdogan Politically Wounded But Still Turkey’s Dominant Power

Opposition success in Turkey’s local elections is an unprecedented rebuke to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. While his constitutional power and dominance of the judiciary remain intact, Erdogan is probably in his final term and will find domestic and foreign initiatives somewhat more complicated.

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