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Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Gulf Women in the Police

Saudi Arabia has recently announced decisions allowing women to apply for jobs in air traffic control, the traffic police, and the military, and to positions as investigators at the public prosecutor’s office. These decisions are made in line with Saudi Vision 2030, to increase women’s participation in the workforce from 22 to 30 percent.

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Driving in a New Direction: Sweeping Changes in Saudi Arabia

This post is part of an AGSIW series on Saudi Vision 2030, a sweeping set of programs and reforms adopted by the Saudi government to be implemented by 2030.

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The Personal is Political: Gender Identity in the Personal Status Laws of the Gulf Arab States

This paper examines personal status law in the six Gulf Arab states, and the limitations PSLs impose on women’s autonomy and the role of women within the family.

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The Gulf’s Entanglement in Egypt

If experience is any guide, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s management of the Egyptian economy is in for a rough ride.

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UAE Labour Mobility Reforms Create Winners and Losers

In 2011, the UAE dramatically reformed its kafala system by allowing migrant workers with expiring contracts to change employers without the initial sponsor’s permission.

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Royal Women in the Gulf: Agents of Change or Defenders of the Status Quo?

Women of the ruling families of Arab Gulf states are well situated to lead or impede significant change for women in their societies.

Global Oil Prices Spiral Higher After Saudi Arabia and Russia Extend Supply Cuts

A substantial drawdown on global oil stocks is forecast for the fourth quarter amid record oil demand, accelerating the rise in oil prices to the $100 per barrel threshold.

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