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Gulf Islamists Praise Erdogan Victory, Prophesy Revival of the Ummah

The Turkish government’s defeat of an attempted military coup last month has captivated Islamists across the Middle East, who found relief, and a bit of redemption, in the popular mobilization against the rebellious officers.

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Bahrain’s New Order 

The political news emanating from the tiny island kingdom of Bahrain has come fast and frequent this summer, with a series of actions taken by the courts, Parliament, and security forces effectively reshaping the formal political landscape of the country.

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An Assessment of France’s Assertive Mideast Policy

In wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, in which the ISIL, killed 130 people, the French government confirmed on February 10 that it would extend the country’s state of emergency powers with an additional three months.

Erdogan Politically Wounded But Still Turkey’s Dominant Power

Opposition success in Turkey’s local elections is an unprecedented rebuke to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. While his constitutional power and dominance of the judiciary remain intact, Erdogan is probably in his final term and will find domestic and foreign initiatives somewhat more complicated.

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