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Khashoggi Death Looms over Saudi Economic Reform Agenda

While pursuing long-term economic reform and diversification, Saudi Arabia needs to show that the kingdom is an attractive, business-friendly place; yet recent moves have worried investors over the business environment, and raised some concerns over the impact on oil policy.

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Saudi Arabia Shelves SoftBank Solar Effort, Reflecting Challenges with Megaprojects

Saudi Arabia’s decision to delay a $200 billion solar power project with Japan’s SoftBank casts doubt on the future of the kingdom’s solar energy initiative.

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The Gray Zone of Social Reforms in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government is moving forward steadfastly with its social modernization project, but the new policies are clashing with established norms, creating inconsistencies and uncertainties in social spaces.

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Economic Reform in the GCC: A Vision for the Future

The past 50 years have seen unprecedented modernization and growth among the oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which today rank among the world leaders in per capita income.

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