Jedareyat: On a Mission to Beautify Kuwait's Cityscape

In the cities of the Gulf states, white and unmarked walls are the standard. But in Kuwait, Jedareyat is doing something unusual and innovative: organizing local artists to paint colorful murals on buildings around the city. Aiming to combat visual pollution in Kuwait, Jedareyat is a volunteer group founded by Sulaiman Alrodhan in early 2016. The team, which also consists of Abdulaziz Alreshoud, Hind Francis, and Ameena Almutawa, scours the city and crowdsources for dead walls and artists who can transform them into picture-worthy landmarks. AGSIW spoke with Sulaiman about how the initiative works as a medium between building owners and artists, the messages the group hopes to portray through the murals, and the strong spirit of volunteerism that runs through the team’s work.

Jedareyat: On a Mission to Beautify Kuwait's Cityscape
The Jedareyat team (Photo courtesy of Suleiman Alrodhan)

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