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October 31, 2022
Reuters/Ahmed Yosri
Saudi Arabia’s New Nationalist Foreign Policy
  Kristin Smith Diwan

A more self-assertive Saudi Arabia is taking steps to amplify its role on the global stage, at times in defiance of its U.S. partner. What does this mean for global energy markets and the future of U.S.-Saudi relations?
Is the US-Saudi Rift Permanent? These 3 Events Will Tell Us
  Hussein Ibish via Bloomberg

The midterm elections, the next OPEC+ meeting, and Xi Jinping’s trip to Riyadh will seal the fate of an 80-year partnership.
Inflation in the GCC Not Going Away Soon
  Robert Mogielnicki via Al-Monitor

Inflation rates in Gulf Cooperation Council countries remain below regional and global levels. Inflation in the GCC is unlikely to dissipate over the short term; however, rising prices are very unlikely to spiral out of control.
IRGC War University Professor: “Pursue Nuclear Deterrence Instead of a Nuclear Deal”

The October 25 edition of the Iran Media Review considers calls from an assistant professor at Imam Hossein University for Iran to abandon nuclear negotiations with the United States and pursue nuclear deterrence.
Attack in Shiraz May Herald Fierce Regime Suppression of Protests

The October 28 edition of the Iran Media Review demonstrates how the Iranian regime is taking advantage of an attack claimed by ISIL to fiercely suppress protesters.
AGSIW in Arabic
  إن إدارة الرئيس بايدن سوف تجد نفسها واقفة على خط تماس طويل ومتوتر مع إيران يبدأ من مياه الخليج وينتهي بمياه البحر الأسود
  تشكل التطورات العسكرية الأخيرة في إيران إشارة لتصور النظام المتزايد لحالة الضعف وسط الاضطرابات الداخلية. إن السياسة القمعية التي ينفذها النظام تستفيد من العملية العسكرية خارج الحدود الإيرانية بحيث يمكن استخدامها للإطاحة بالتهديدات الانفصالية
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Petro Diplomacy 2022:
Gulf Countries on the Front Line of Energy Security

On October 20 and 21, AGSIW convened its eighth annual Petro Diplomacy conference. Petro Diplomacy brings together private and public sector stakeholders from the United States and the Gulf Arab countries to discuss emerging trends in energy markets and regional politics.

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