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November 20, 2023
AP Photo/Ernesto Vargas, File
Can Iran Sustain Its Oil and Gas Export Surge?
Robin Mills 

Iran’s oil resurgence is a critical market and political development, but the Iranian energy industry remains in a shaky state.

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Urgent Reforms Needed to Unlock Iraq’s Green Potential
Yesar Al-Maleki 

Without an integrated energy transition strategy and political will to implement difficult reforms, Iraq will be unable to reach its climate ambitions.

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Great Expectations: The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor
Umer Karim and Saloni Kapur 

The institutionalization of the Gulf-India partnership through the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor has solidified India’s shift away from Iran and toward the Gulf states.
Iraq’s Supreme Court Removes Parliamentary Speaker
Yerevan Saeed 

Mohammed al-Halbousi's ousting as speaker of parliament opens the door for Sunni adversaries to rise to power and could help consolidate the influence of Shia political movements in Iraq.
Vision 2030 Has Transformed Saudi Arabia’s Legal and Judicial Systems
Eman Alhussein and Tine Gade 

Saudi Arabia’s legal reforms aim to provide a legal environment conducive to business while at the same time upholding the centrality of sharia in the kingdom’s judicial and legal systems.
Israel’s Palestinian Strategy Was a Grave Miscalculation
Hussein Ibish via CNN  

The most important factor in determining the political outcome of Israel’s current war will not take place in Gaza – but will instead unfold in the West Bank.
AGSIW in Arabic
حرب الحوثيين على إسرائيل
جريجوري دي جونسون 

إذا كان الحوثيين يهاجمون إسرائيل، فإن خصومهم المحليين سيكونون أقل ميلاً لمهاجمة الجماعة
السعودية تقتحم عالم كرة القدم
كريستين سميث ديوان 

يعد نجاح السعودية في الحصول على حق استضافة بطولة كأس العالم لكرة القدم لعام 2034، وإصرارها على استقدام أفضل اللاعبين من نخبة أندية كرة القدم من جميع أنحاء أوروبا، بمثابة لعبة جريئة أخرى للدخول إلى الرياضة العالمية بتمويل حكومي
Mehr News on Lebanon: “The Cradle of Resistance”

The November 17 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights a report on alleged Lebanese public support for Palestinian militant groups and war with Israel.
Shargh Daily: Majority of Iranians Are Indifferent Toward the Gaza Crisis

The November 14 edition of the Iran Media Review examines debate over the Iranian public’s support for Palestinians.

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In the Media
  • BBC TV: In an interview, Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman discussed U.S. policy on the Israel-Hamas conflict and Arab public and private diplomacy.
  • The World: In an interview, Hussein Ibish discussed the position of Palestinian civilians in Gaza as a result of the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • South China Morning Post: Kristin Smith Diwan discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict and the risk of escalation with Iran.
  • Arab News: Robert Mogielnicki commented on the global economic effects of the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • The 966: In an interview, Tim Callen discussed Saudi Arabia's budget and government spending. 
  • Al Arabiya: In an interview, Ibish commented on how the United States is adjusting to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Beyond the Headlines: In a podcast interview, Ibish discussed the outlook for the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • VOA: Ibish discussed the prospects for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Al Sharqiyya TV: In an interview, Silliman discussed a new U.S.-Iraq agreement on dollar transactions through Iraqi and U.S. banks as well as Iraq’s reaction to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • The Week: In an interview, Ibish commented on the possibility of escalation between Israel and Hezbollah.
  • Jewish Insider: Ibish commented on the possible motivations for former President Barack Obama’s recent comments on U.S. policy toward the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • World Crunch cited Ibish’s comments to Le Monde about the role of Gulf Arab states in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
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