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The Dhow
May 8, 2023
AP Photo/Jon Gambrell, File
The Son Also Rises: The One-Year Anniversary of Mohammed bin Zayed’s Presidency
Ambassador Marcelle M. Wahba and Ambassador William Roebuck

Balancing family and state-federal dynamics while staying in line with regional tendencies on succession, Mohammed bin Zayed names his son Khaled crown prince.
Gulf States at Center Stage in the Conflict in Sudan
Umer Karim

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have emerged as key players in the military confrontation in Sudan, highlighting the continued leverage of Gulf stakeholders across the Red Sea.
Yemen’s Day After Problem
Gregory D. Johnsen | اقرأ بالعربية

If the international community wants to ensure that Yemen’s war actually ends when the peace deal is signed, it needs to rebuild the country’s economy.
Sultan Haitham the Mediator
Ali Alfoneh

With Sultan Haitham’s planned trip to Tehran to mediate between Iran and the United States, the Omani leader appears to be following his predecessor’s path as a regional interlocutor.
AGSIW in Arabic
ما بعد انتهاء الحرب في اليمن
  جريجوري دي جونسون

إذا أراد المجتمع الدولي ضمان انتهاء حرب اليمن فعليًا عند توقيع اتفاق السلام، فعليه إعادة بناء الاقتصاد اليمني
لماذا أخفق توجه إيران المعزولة إلى أفريقيا
  كوروش زياباري

على الرغم من الجهود التي تبذلها إيران لإقامة علاقات قوية مع الدول الأفريقية، إلا أنها أخفقت في إقامة شراكات متينة مع القارة الأفريقية
Former Intelligence Ministry Official Warns of New Crises

The May 5 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights a former regime official’s urgent call for reform.
Tehran Prepares Iranian Public Opinion for Normalization of Ties With Bahrain

The May 2 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights commentary on the prospects and merits of Iran normalizing relations with Bahrain.
Past Events
Will an Upcoming Summit in Riyadh Cement Assad’s Return to the Arab Fold?

On May 4, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Mansour Almarzoqi, Mohammed Baharoon, Ibrahim Hamidi, and Dareen Khalifa, moderated by Ambassador William Roebuck, on the normalization of ties between Syria and the Arab world.
The Future of Security in the Middle East

On April 21, AGSIW and the Middle East Policy Council co-hosted a Capitol Hill conference with Asha Castleberry-Hernandez, Mary Beth Long, DB Des Roches, and Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman, moderated by Bassima Alghussein, on security in the Middle East.
In the Media
  • National Defense University: Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman delivered the lecture "The Role of Diplomacy in National Security" to a group from Qatar’s Joaan bin Jassim Command and Staff College.
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