Gulf Rising: GCC-East Asia Relations

As part of the Gulf Rising series analyzing the energized role of the Gulf Arab states on the international stage, AGSIW explores GCC-East Asia relations.

Gulf Rising

AGSIW’s Gulf Rising series analyzes the energized role of the Gulf Arab states in the international system.

Voices of Caution Emerge in Crisis with Iran

In recent weeks, tensions between the United States – backed by its Gulf Arab allies and Israel – and Iran have risen alarmingly, with fears of war increasing in many quarters.

Podcast Production in the Gulf Arab States

This series explores podcast content creation in the Gulf Arab states by looking at some of the podcasters active in the region.

Women in the Gulf: Struggles and Successes

Since its inception in 2015, AGSIW has celebrated the role of women in the Gulf, examining their struggles and their successes.

Shia Foreign Fighters and Regional Security

This series examines the role of Iranian-backed Shia foreign fighters and their potential impact on regional security dynamics.

Food Culture in the Gulf

This series features progressive innovations in food culture, sustainable agriculture, and health in the Gulf states and considers their potential economic and social impacts.

Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia Beyond Oil

On April 25, 2016, the Saudi government presented Vision 2030, a sweeping plan for moving the kingdom beyond oil dependence. In this series, scholars and a cross section of Saudi opinion leaders examine the implications of the reform plan.

Petro Diplomacy

Petro Diplomacy is a signature annual event in Washington, DC bringing together private and public sector stakeholders from the United States and the Gulf Arab countries to discuss emerging trends in energy markets and regional politics.

Visions of Change

AGSIW’s Visions of Change series examines how the Gulf Arab countries are addressing reduced hydrocarbon revenue and responding to pressures to liberalize their economies.

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Through its careful examination of the forces shaping the evolution of Gulf societies and the new generation of emerging leaders, AGSIW facilitates a richer understanding of the role the countries in this key geostrategic region can be expected to play in the 21st century.

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