Refining the U.S. Force Posture in the Gulf

In the series Refining the U.S. Force Posture in the Gulf, AGSIW helps frame the larger debate on U.S.

The Rise of Poverty in Iran

This series examines the acceleration of poverty in the Islamic Republic, the state's perception of the political and social impact of poverty and its response to dissent, and the economic challenges facing Iran’s next administration following the June 2021 presidential election.

Next Gen Gulf

AGSIW’s Next Gen Gulf series explores how the latest trends in technology are shaping the economies and governments of Gulf Arab states.

Revelations From IRGC War University Journals

With its 31 peer-reviewed journals, Imam Hussein University constitutes the academic backbone of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Through an in-depth analysis, the Revelations From IRGC War University Journals series identifies what these journals reveal about the strategic thinking of the IRGC.

China's Growing Influence in the Gulf

A 25-year agreement between Iran and China has sparked rumblings over what this means about the bilateral relationship as well as China’s ties with Gulf Arab partners.

The Quds Force: Iran's Warriors Without Borders

The Quds Force: Iran's Warriors Without Borders series uses Persian language open sources to analyze how the Quds Force has evolved over the decades.

Iran’s Shadow Hangs Over Iraqi Cabinet Formation

This series examines Iraqi government formation at a moment of significant tension in the region.

Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia Beyond Oil

On April 25, 2016, the Saudi government presented Vision 2030, a sweeping plan for moving the kingdom beyond oil dependence. In this series, scholars and a cross section of Saudi opinion leaders examine the implications of the reform plan.

U.S.-Iranian Tensions

In this video series, AGSIW experts analyze the implications of tensions between the United States and Iran following the deaths of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force commander Major General Qassim Suleimani and Kataib Hezbollah leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Gulf Rising

AGSIW’s Gulf Rising series analyzes the energized role of the Gulf Arab states in the international system.

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Through its careful examination of the forces shaping the evolution of Gulf societies and the new generation of emerging leaders, AGSIW facilitates a richer understanding of the role the countries in this key geostrategic region can be expected to play in the 21st century.

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