Podcast Production in the Gulf Arab States

This series explores podcast content creation in the Gulf Arab states by looking at some of the podcasters active in the region.

Shia Foreign Fighters and Regional Security

This series examines the role of Iranian-backed Shia foreign fighters and their potential impact on regional security dynamics.

Food Culture in the Gulf

This series features progressive innovations in food culture, sustainable agriculture, and health in the Gulf states and considers their potential economic and social impacts.

Gulf Rising: GCC-East Asia Relations

As part of the Gulf Rising series analyzing the energized role of the Gulf Arab states on the international stage, AGSIW explores GCC-East Asia relations.

Visions of Change

AGSIW’s Visions of Change series examines how the Gulf Arab countries are addressing reduced hydrocarbon revenue and responding to pressures to liberalize their economies.

Cracking the Glass Ceiling

This series examines women’s labor force participation in the Gulf Arab states, including areas of growth as well as challenges facing women in the Gulf.

Redefining Saudi Arabia: Domestic and Regional Implications

As Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proceeds with plans to diversify the Saudi economy and attract foreign investment, he has sent shock waves around the world with unprecedented moves that supporters claim will end a culture of corruption, but critics insist will simply consolidate power in his hands. This series examines the events that are central to this redefinition of the kingdom and their implications for the Saudi state, its society and the region as a whole.

GCC Crisis

June 2017 witnessed an unprecedented escalation of tensions among the Gulf Cooperation Council states, culminating with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain severing ties with Qatar. AGSIW offers insights into the ongoing tensions and identifies the implications for Qatar and its GCC neighbors.

AGSIW Energy Roundtables

A protracted period of dramatically lower oil prices has ushered in momentous challenges for Gulf Arab states and oil producing countries around the world. This series explores the drivers of the oil price outlook, upstream oil investment strategies, economic and energy policy reforms in the Gulf Cooperation Council, and renewable energy.

The Trump Administration and Implications for the Gulf States

On January 20, 2018, Donald J. Trump was sworn in as president of the United States. AGSIW senior resident scholars examine statements made by some of the president’s key Cabinet nominees during their confirmation hearings – and by the president himself – for clues to the new administration’s likely policies on the issues of most pressing interest to the Gulf Arab states.

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