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MbS Trip Will Test Strength of Resurgent U.S.-Saudi Ties

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will begin his first visit to the United States as presumptive heir to the throne; it comes at a crucial time, with Saudi social and political changes and economic reform gaining steam and Trump administration policies toward Iran growing more confrontational.

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Rising Stakes in Saudi Arabia’s Transformation

The transformation underway in Saudi Arabia continues to send regular shockwaves through business and diplomatic circles.

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Succession in Oman: Clues But No Clarity

Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman appointed on March 2 Sayyid Assad bin Tariq al-Said as deputy prime minister for international cooperation. The appointment triggered immediate speculation among Western observers that Assad is being groomed to become Qaboos’ successor.

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Foreign Policy Narratives of Saudi Deputy Crown Prince’s US Visit

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is in the United States this week for talks focusing on bilateral security cooperation and his strategy to diversify the Kingdom’s energy-dependent economy.

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National Identity and National Projects in the Arab Gulf States

In recent years, Gulf states have undertaken steps to promote national identity and inculcate a stronger sense of national belonging that ties citizens to the state and its leadership.

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Better the Saudis We Know

Saudi Arabia is dismayed by President Obama’s Middle East policy.

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Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Paves Path for Kingdom’s Post-Oil Era

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has emerged as the symbol of Saudi Arabia’s quest to reshape its policies within an ever changing region plagued by geopolitical rivalry, changing alliances and dwindling energy revenues.

In the Shadow of Qaboos: Contemplating Leadership Change in Oman

There is probably too much conjecture and outright guesswork about the Omani succession process and not enough about the genuine challenges that the sultanate and its people must face with Qaboos – however long he continues to govern – and ultimately under his successor.

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