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“Civil Nomadism”: Itinerant Social Engagement as a Precursor to Civil Society

A fixed definition of civil society can cloud a deeper understanding of how civil society can function in different contexts, like that of the UAE.

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Hard-Fought Iraqi Presidential Contest Signals Fraught Government Formation Ahead

The Iraqi presidency is effectively reserved for a Kurdish leader, but Salih and Zebari may point the country in very different directions.

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Arab Shia Communities in Transition: A Peacemaking Opportunity for the International Community?

This report is based on the discussions held during a workshop co-hosted with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung on Shia communities in Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

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Old Playbook for New Kuwaiti Government Signals Further Stasis

An addictive recourse to the same political class and governance scheme suggests Kuwait’s new government, like its predecessors, will prove unable to effectively confront the country’s many challenges.

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Iraq Protest Movement Defies Odds, Outperforms in Elections

Results from Iraq’s elections show that a determined young generation can organize and win seats, no matter the obstacles placed in the way by a political system most Iraqis lost faith in long ago. 

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Low Turnout, But Glimmer of Hope in Iraq's Elections

AGSIW's Geneive Abdo spoke with Akeel Abbas, an expert on Iraqi politics and sectarian identities, to discuss the results of Iraq's October 10 parliamentary elections.

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UAE Recasts “Cities of Salt” to Win Venice Biennale Architectural Award

The UAE’s participation in the biennale, and being recognized as a leading architectural force, is an important step toward engaging with sociopolitical issues and toward considering the extent to which the built environment can contribute to an equitable and sustainable future.

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Sadr’s Boycott Threat Puts Election Timeframe in Question

Muqtada al-Sadr’s announcement that he will boycott upcoming parliamentary elections has thrown the electoral process into disarray at a time when the future stability of Iraq depends on legitimate and transparent elections.

Iranian Voters Use Turnout, Voided Ballots, and Social Media to Rain on Raisi’s Electoral Parade

The low participation and high number of protest votes in Iran’s presidential election demonstrate a lack of trust in the regime and a diminished hope among Iranians for making change through the ballot box.

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