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Strategic Interests Drive Gulf Policy Toward Syria

Many Gulf states have shifted course on Syria, prioritizing concerns over growing Iranian and Turkish influence.

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Death of Bahrain’s Prime Minister Promotes Reformer, But Perhaps Not Reforms

The death of the traditional and uncompromising Khalifa bin Salman al-Khalifa clears the way for the reformist crown prince to head the government. Still, state and financial security will continue to top Bahrain’s priorities.

Virtual Roundtable With Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa

On April 23, AGSIW hosted a virtual private roundtable with H.E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa, ambassador of Bahrain to the United States.

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Multilateral Platforms Built Framework for Ties with Israel

Israel’s ties intensified in recent years with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and created an infrastructure conducive to the normalization of relations.

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Gulf States’ Climate Change Policies Amid a Global Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic represents an opportunity to reevaluate existing policies and tools, and climate change provides the needed lens for redirecting development onto sustainable trajectories.

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Iran Chooses a Harsher Tone as it Reacts to the Bahrain-Israel Rapprochement

The normalization of relations with Israel provides another grievance Tehran can use to mobilize Bahrain’s Shias against their rulers.

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Public Debate Over the Abraham Accords Reflects Range of Views on Normalization in the Gulf

While political narratives on Israel are shifting under the influence of some determined state leaders, resistance to normalization remains across Gulf societies.

Is This Time Different? The Gulf’s Early Economic Policy Response to the Crises of 2020

As Gulf Arab policymakers continue to confront an ambiguous future, they will rely heavily on familiar economic policy measures and avoid straying from the status quo as long as possible.

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