United Arab Emirates

Climate Action in the UAE: A Conversation With Aisha Al Abdooli, UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

On Thursday June 17, AGSIW will host Aisha Al Abdooli, acting assistant undersecretary for green development and climate change for the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

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The UAE’s Message of Hope, Delivered With a Soft-Power Focus and Some Strategic Hedging

The UAE’s Hope Consortium and Hope Probe illustrate a growing shift from a focus on hard power to a broader consideration of human security and the incorporation of new technologies.

The Transformation of Abu Dhabi's Oil Industry

Ben Cahill discussed the fundamental shift in Abu Dhabi's oil policy since 2016.

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Everything at Once: Transformation of Abu Dhabi’s Oil Policy

Abu Dhabi traditionally managed its oil and gas resources cautiously and conserved hydrocarbon wealth for future generations, but the energy transition is reshaping its strategy.

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Israel-UAE Normalization: Poised for Economic Breakout

Given the complementarity of long-term economic interests between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and the ties already taking root, relations will likely continue to grow.

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All the Kings’ Sons

Recent leadership transitions in the Gulf monarchies are crystallizing a trend toward direct lineage and away from fraternal succession, consolidating decision making and centralizing state power.

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The United Arab Emirates and a South Asian Peace Process

Geopolitical developments and mounting domestic challenges for India and Pakistan coalesced to create the right timing for the UAE’s efforts to broker a peace agreement.

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South Korea-Gulf Collaboration: Special, Smart, and Strategic

South Korea has transformed from a source of manpower to the Gulf Arab states into an exporter of advanced technology and services at a time of rapid change in the Gulf region.

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Russia’s Expanding Cooperation with Gulf Arab Countries on Syria

Russia hopes that engaging Gulf Arab countries could encourage their investments in Syria’s reconstruction process and facilitate Syria’s return to the Arab League.

UAE Moves to Retain and Attract Talented Expatriates

Emirati officials are rolling out an array of policies and initiatives intended to attract higher-skilled expatriates, but overlapping initiatives will likely heighten regional competition over foreign talent.

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