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October 30, 2023
AP Photo/Hani Mohammed
The Viability of a Partitioned Yemen
Gregory D. Johnsen 

Are either the Houthis or the Presidential Leadership Council capable of governing a viable, peaceful, and independent state? This two-part series looks at the challenges facing both groups as they seek to move from ruling in war to governing in peace.
Saudi Arabia Pushes Ahead to Become a Global Mining Player
Ahmed Alqarout 

The Saudi push to become a global actor in the mineral supply chain is driven by strategic domestic, regional, and international considerations.
Instability in the Middle East Brought on by the Israel-Gaza War Is a Test for America
Hussein Ibish via The National

It could destroy U.S. strategic interests and the balance of power in the region.
It’s the Terrifying Question: Will the War Spread North?
Hussein Ibish via The New Republic

If it does, the region – and maybe the world – is on fire. But so far, most signs are that Iran does not want a wider war.
Can Biden’s Bearhug of Israel Work to Restrain Its Bombing of Gaza?
Hussein Ibish via The National

U.S. policy toward Israel's war is operating on multiple different registers.
AGSIW in Arabic
هل تقرر غزة مستقبل بايدن؟
هشام ملحم

سيجد بايدن نفسه في موقع دفاعي مع شريحة هامة من الناخبين المسلمين والشباب والطلاب والعرب-الأميركيين في مواجهته المتوقعة مع الرئيس السابق دونالد ترامب
خريطة التحركات؟ تتبع جولات قاآني قائد فيلق القدس
علي آلفونه

تكشف الزيارات الخارجية لقائد فيلق القدس إسماعيل قاآني عن بعض المفارقات الثانوية المتعلقة بالشأن الفلسطيني
مدى إمكانية تقسيم اليمن: تحديات تواجه دولة الحوثيين
جريجوري دي جونسون

على الرغم من كل النجاح الذي حققه الحوثيون خلال الحرب، فليس من الواضح ما إذا كان بإمكانهم التحول إلى حكومة فعالة
مدى إمكانية تقسيم اليمن: تحديات تواجه الدولة الجنوبية
جريجوري دي جونسون

هل سيكون جنوب اليمن دولة للجنوبيين، أم أنه سيكون الدولة اليمنية المناوئة للحوثيين
Past Event
Is the End in Sight for the Yemen Conflict?
On October 26, AGSIW hosted a discussion with Eleonora Ardemagni, Gregory D. Johnsen, and Ahmed Nagi, moderated by Hussein Ibish, on the prospects for the end of the conflict in Yemen.
For Now, Iran and Hezbollah Court Trouble but Avoid It

The October 27 edition of the Iran Media Review examines Iran’s delicate balancing act amid the Israel-Hamas conflict.
Identity and Power Politics: Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces on the Arbaeen Pilgrimage

The October 24 edition of the Iran Media Review highlights efforts by the Popular Mobilization Forces to seize on the Arbaeen pilgrimage for political gain.

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In the Media
  • BBC World: In an interview, Ali Alfoneh commented on French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Israel and the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • Financial TimesKristin Smith Diwan discussed Qatar's role as a fixer in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • BloombergRobert Mogielnicki discussed the implications of the Israel-Hamas conflict on Saudi development initiatives.
  • France24: In an interview, Hussein Ibish discussed Europe's perspective on the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • New Lines Magazine cited Ibish's "Israel Is Walking Into a Trap." 
  • L'Orient Le Jour: Ibish commented on Gaza's future. 
  • Al Arabiya: In multiple interviews, Ibish discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict. He also spoke with Al Hurra.
  • Israel TV7: In an interview, Ambassador William Roebuck discussed Gulf states' perspectives on the Israel-Hamas conflict. 
  • VOA: Ibish commented on the potential of reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. 
  • Le Monde: Alfoneh commented on the Israel-Hamas conflict. He also spoke with Le Figaro.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald: Alfoneh commented on Iran's objectives in the Israel-Hamas conflict.   
  • Alternet cited Ibish's CBS interview on the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • AFP: Mogielnicki commented on Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and its investment strategy. 
  • AFP: Diwan discussed Saudi Arabia's interest in a stable Gulf region. 
  • Atlantic Council: Ambassador Douglas A. Silliman participated in the panel "Balancing Global Engagement and Domestic Growth: Iraq's Future in an Evolving Landscape."
  • Israel Policy Forum: Hussein Ibish participated in a discussion on the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • North Carolina State University: Ambassador William Roebuck spoke to students about the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in northeast Syria and the dynamics of Arab and Gulf states normalizing relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.
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