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Dominance versus Disruption: Asymmetry in Gulf Security

This paper examines the defining characteristics of asymmetrical hostilities, in particular, the imbalance created when different security objectives – dominance or disruption – come into play.

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Hybrid Warfare Matures in the Gulf

The large wealth, small size, powerful rivalries, and apparent unwillingness to engage in full-scale war of the Gulf Arab states indicate that the future of conflict in the region will be hybrid.

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U.S. Secures Access to Oman’s Crowded Ports

Oman is situating itself for a strengthened position in the Gulf while maintaining its regional independence.

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How Trump’s National Security Strategy Will be Read in the Gulf

When Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States just over a year ago, Washington’s Gulf Arab allies were generally optimistic.

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Financing Terrorism: What the U.S. and its Gulf Partners Are Doing to Cut Off Funding to Violent Extremist Networks

From seizing control of banks to extortion and trafficking in oil and oil-related products, terrorist organizations have diversified their revenue streams to amass significant war chests to fund their operations.

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Targeting Iran’s Regime Will Strengthen, Not Break, the Moscow-Tehran Alliance

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed published on February 13, hawkish scholar Michael Ledeen argued that “dismantling the Khamenei regime as peacefully as possible” is the best way to end what he describes as the Russian-Iranian alliance.

Telling Our Story: Identity, History, and Heritage in the Work of Gulf Artists

How have Gulf artists expressed themselves over the last half-century and where is the artistic community headed? What art movements and trends are we witnessing today?

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