China’s Growing Influence in the Gulf

A 25-year agreement between Iran and China has sparked rumblings over what this means about the bilateral relationship as well as China’s ties with Gulf Arab partners. With a global pandemic and low oil prices putting pressure on Gulf diversification efforts and Washington’s “maximum pressure” campaign weighing on Iran, AGSIW explores China’s influence in the Gulf region.

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China’s Gulf Partnerships Likely to Weather Current Global Crises

The complementary nature of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Gulf “vision” development programs has established another pillar of China-Gulf cooperation.

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China’s Balancing Act in the Gulf Relies on Ties to Iran and Arab States

The China-Iran deal may be a stepping stone to increased ties between Tehran and Beijing, but the Gulf Arab states remain integral to Beijing’s economic projection in the Middle East.

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How China Is Quietly Expanding Its Economic Influence in the Gulf

The coronavirus pandemic and oil price rout have provided China the opportunity to expand its dimensions of economic influence in the Gulf.

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Oman’s Bittersweet Economic Relations With China

Oman’s precarious reliance on energy exports to China and insufficient Chinese investment in non-oil segments of the Omani economy leave the sultanate in a weak position to address urgent economic challenges.

Gulf Women Closing Ranks in Security and Diplomacy

Although the entry of women into the Gulf’s diplomatic and military ranks was slower than elsewhere, the region is in the midst of a sweeping transformation, largely due to top-down policies and social shifts.

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