Qatar’s World Cup

As Qatar kicks off the World Cup, the world and AGSIW are watching. As the first Arab country to host the World Cup, Qatar has prepared cultural attractions, infrastructure, and more to accommodate over a million expected players and fans. AGSIW’s Qatar's World Cup series explores the arts and cultural initiatives, logistics and planning, and implications of this major international event for Qatar and the region.

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Qatar’s World Cup Increases Gulf Cooperation Despite Recent Rift

Easing away from its embrace of controversial regional political positions, Qatar refreshes its regional and international branding with soft power tourism, sports, and labor reforms.

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Qatar's World Cup and Public Art: Expanding the Field of Dialogue

As Qatar gears up to host the FIFA World Cup in November, Qatar Museums is ensuring that visitors get a taste of the country’s cultural scene through new public art installations.

Kurds and Baluchis Make Up Half of Protesters Killed in Iran Protests

The December 6 edition of the Iran Media Review considers how death counts in Iran’s ongoing protests reflect the country’s ethnic and sectarian fault lines.

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